Before and After #5

The photographs shown here are merely examples of what was achieved using the techniques and materials available at Burpengary Dental.  In no way do we guarantee that you will receive the exact same results because every individual patient will have different tooth structure and anatomy.

Before and after dental work

Patient had broken the whole side of the tooth 11 when biting on some hard food. The tooth has erosion at the incisal edge and some tooth brush abrasion (usually related to acids ). The tooth had stains and mottling. The old restoration was mismatched in shade. The old filling was removed and the tooth was restored using four different shades of composite resin to blend the new restoration.

Restoration by John Yong Gee using Estelite Asteria Shades A3, A1 , NE and Amelogen B1 composites

Before and after dental work

Teeth 12 and 22 were congenitally missing and the patient had been wearing an uncomfortable partial denture that trapped a lot of plaque and was also frequently breaking.

The patient also had deeply worn the roots of the teeth where the gums had receded.

The deep toothbrush abrasions were filled with composite resin. Two bonded porcelain cantilever bridges were placed.

Restorations by John Yong Gee using  Estelite Sigma Quick Composite . Bonded bridges in Porcelain fused to zirconia with Cojet bonding silanation with Monobond Plus and Panavia cement.

Before and after dental work

Patient had the teeth 12 and 22 congenitally missing .

Teeth were replaced using porcelain bonded bridges and no teeth were drilled.

Restorations by John Yong Gee using Porcelain bonded to zirconia and bonded using Panavia cement


Before and after dental work

Two large cavities in the front teeth were an unsightly distraction.

These were filled in a  simple appointment using composite resin.

The darkly stained decay was removed. A lighter shade of composite was placed followed by a matched natural shade to match the tooth and the chipped edges of the teeth were also filled to make them more level.

Restoration with Amelogen and Estelite Sigma Quick composites by John Yong Gee

Before and after dental work

Patient had recession and deep tooth brush abrasion.

If the tooth was simply filled with a tooth coloured restoration, the teeth would appear very long.

The abrasions in teeth 11 and 21 were filled with a tooth coloured composite as well as a pink composite to simulate the gum  so that the teeth were more similarly matched.

Restoration in Amaris Pink and Estelite Sigma Quick Composites by John Yong Gee