At Burpengary Dental we emphasise a preventative approach to the care of your teeth. A six monthly check-up and clean will ensure we spot any issues before they worsen, and that your teeth are getting a professional clean to prevent decay.

Important facts

  • Your dentist will show you how to properly care for your mouth to minimise any issues with your teeth and gums in the future
  • After your regular dental check-ups with us you should be aware of how to avoid most dental problems.
  • At Burpengary Dental we provide family dental check-ups and are able to provide parents with invaluable information on their children’s oral health
Preventative Dental Checkups


What will my checkup include?

During your regular check-up with us at Burpengary Dental you will receive a full mouth examination. The cost of this check-up can range from $50 to $60. As part of your examination the dentist may also require an x-ray/OPG which ranges from $44 to $110 each.

What happens if I require any extra treatment after my check-up?

If after your regular dental check-up with us at Burpengary Dental you require any extra treatment your dentist will compose a treatment plan for you. This plan will outline any other treatment you require in order of urgency, with the cost included as well. Your dentist will go through this plan with you before you leave so that you understand the procedure, and to answer any questions you may have.

Do I need to bring anything to the check-up?

At Burpengary Dental we do not require you to bring anything with you to your check-up. If you have private health insurance you can bring your health insurance card with you, and through our HICAPS machine your health insurer will be able to pay for some of your dental cost upfront. This means that you do not need to worry about claiming back any of your treatment at a later date.