Digital X-Rays

At Burpengary Dental we use digital x-rays to get a clear image of what is happening in your mouth. The x-rays help to provide your dentist with information on dental issues that they may not always be able to see in an examination.


Important facts

  • Many people do worry about the radiation exposure during dental x-rays, although this is not an issue. Modern technology and techniques mean that you are exposed to minimal amounts of radiation, in fact, less radiation exposure than a domestic flight.
  • X-rays are taken as a precautionary measure at Burpengary Dental to provide us with as much information about your oral health as possible before starting any treatment plans.

At Burpengary Dental we can provide a couple of x-ray options.

Intra-Oral radiographs– These are small radiographs that are placed inside the mouth while you are seated in the chair. This allows the dentist to form an accurate diagnosis during your normal check-up or if a particular tooth requires further investigation.

Intra-Oral Radiograph
OPG – A panoramic radiograph of the upper and lower jaws together to allow the dentist to have a good indication of your general oral health; this x-ray is also very useful for viewing wisdom teeth or unusual oral pathology


What is my dentist checking for in my x-ray?

X-rays may need to be taken as part of your dental treatment plan at Burpengary Dental. It is useful to help your dentist detect any damage or disease which is not usually visible during a regular dental exam. Your dentist may also take an x-ray image if you are a new patient to establish the present status of your oral health, and to identify any future changes. This includes detecting new cavities, the status of your gum health, or to evaluate the growth and development of your teeth.

If I’m pregnant can I still take the x-ray?

Make sure you inform you dentist if you are pregnant. You may still require a dental x-ray as part of your treatment plan, although a leaded apron can be worn to minimise radiation exposure and to protect you and your foetus.

Is the radiation exposure during an x-ray safe?

Dental x-rays do require low levels of radiation exposure, however it is safe. Modern advances have meant that x-rays can now be taken with much less radiation exposure than was previously necessary. At Burpengary Dental we utilise modern tools and techniques to ensure that your radiation exposure is as low as reasonably possible. If you are uncomfortable with the thought of getting a dental x-ray, talk with your dentist as we do have a leaded apron that can be worn to minimise exposure to the abdomen.