Feeling Nervous?

Uncomfortable about a dental visit?

Let’s face it, very few of us actually like visiting the dentist. Our greatest achievement is to help patients overcome their fear over time by building trust with open communication, patience and a little bit of humour thrown in.

We believe, that by listening to your concerns and fears about your dental experience, we can assist you in achieving new positive memories that will change your perception of the visit to the dentist.

Feeling Relaxed

However, if you need extra assistance in alleviating your anxiety we also offer:

Penthrox Green Whistle

Penthrox (methoxyflurane) is an inhaler which is administered to help relieve your anxiety during treatment and assist in relaxing you in the dental chair.

Sleep Dentistry – General Anaesthetic

Some people have a true dental phobia and if Penthrox is not an option for you, you can opt to have tooth extractions while you are asleep under a general anaesthetic at Peninsula Private Hospital. You wake up with no memory of the smells or sounds of your dental procedure. It is also a great option for some children, special needs patients or those with a disability.

For further enquires about general anaesthetic, please give us a call and speak to our General Anaesthetic Co-ordinator to organise a personalised itemised quote, and a surgery date.